TOEIC Preparation Course Sb

Oxford University Press Tác giả Andrea Langton NXB Oxford University Press UK Năm XB 2003 Trọng lượng (gr) 662 Kích thước (cm) 28×22 Số trang 224 Hình thức Bìa mềm Ngôn ngữ Sách Tiếng Nước Ngoài


This preparation course for the TOEIC® test gives students the strategies needed to improve their TOEIC® score and to learn vocabulary frequently used on the TOEIC®.
The book is equally effective in the classroom, at home or in the office for self-study

Ottoline at Sea

Ottoline at Sea - EBOOK/PDF/PRC/EPUB


Ottoline and Mr.
Munroe do everything and go everywhere together.
That is, until the day Mr.
Munroe mysteriously disappears leaving a strange clue written in string…
Armed with her Amateur Roving Collectors’ travel pass Ottoline sets off on a journey over, under and on top of the sea to find her hairy best friend – and bring him back home.Ottoline at Sea is the third enchanting Ottoline adventure from Kate Greenaway award winner, Chris Riddell.
With his appealing illustration style, Riddell’s humorous details make this a book to pore over and adore – especially using the free set of novelty gadget spectacles that comes included!

Bloodline (Bloodline (Paperback))

Bloodline (Bloodline (Paperback)) - EBOOK/PDF/PRC/EPUB


Thirty-five years have passed since the death of the Master.
But now a new evil walks among the living.
When nineteen-year-old John Shaw returns from the trenches of World War I, he is haunted by nightmares—not only of the battlefield, but of the strange, cruel and impossible feats of his regiment’s commander, Quincey Harker.
Harker’s ferocity knows no limits, and his strength is superhuman.
At first John blames his bloody nightmares on trench fever.
But when Harker appears in England and begins wooing John’s sister, John must confront the truth—and stop Harker from continuing Dracula’s bloodline.

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