The Long Way Home

Simon And Schuster Tác giả Gigi Priebe NXB SIMON & SCHUSTER Năm XB 29/08/2017 Trọng lượng (gr) 112 Kích thước (cm) 1.0 x 19.0 x 13.0 Số trang 149 Hình thức Bìa Mềm Ngôn ngữ Sách Tiếng Nước Ngoài


“Henry Whiskers and his cousin, Jeremy, must find their way back home–Queen Mary’s dollhouse–and to Windsor Castle with the help of a mysterious treasure map in this fun, fast-paced follow up to The Adventures of Henry Whiskers.
Little Henry Whiskers is thrilled when he discovers an old, crinkly map, complete with a giant X marking a spot, full of treasure–at least, that’s what Henry thinks.
All he knows is that this map is something BIG–he can feel it right down to the tip of his tail.
But before he can share his exciting find with his cousin and best friend, Jeremy, they find themselves in the danger zone: The Windsor Castle Kitchen.
And after being unceremoniously caught and thrown out of the castle, with nothing but the map, the two little mice realize they have bigger problems than being caught in the kitchen! How will they get back to the dollhouse? With the help of his cousin, Jeremy and a fellow field mouse named Wisely, the cousins battle a hungry falcon, an endless and stormy lake, and the maze of landmarks on the Windsor Castle Grounds as they try to find his way back home–and discover the mysterious map is more connected to the Whiskers family than either of them could have ever imagined.”

R71000-4-Xe BMW i8 Mở Cửa Bằng Điều Khiển – Đỏ

R71000-4-Xe BMW i8 Mở Cửa Bằng Điều Khiển - Đỏ - EBOOK/PDF/PRC/EPUB


Xe BMW i8 mở cửa bằng điều khiển màu đỏ với bản quyền của siêu xe BMW i8 ngoài đời thật Mô phỏng sắc sảo từng của xe thật

Ritter Winzig Kinderbuch Deutsch-Englisch mit mehrsprachiger Audio-CD

Ritter Winzig Kinderbuch Deutsch-Englisch mit mehrsprachiger Audio-CD - EBOOK/PDF/PRC/EPUB


Zielgruppe: Kinder ab 5 Jahren Das zweisprachige Kinderbuch Ritter Winzig erzählt die Geschichte von Ferdinand von Finkenfusel, der ziemlich klein ist für einen Ritter.
So klein, dass er auf einer Ziege reiten muss.
Doch als ein Riese das Land bedroht, kann er allen beweisen, dass geringe Größe gepaart mit einem klugen Kopf sogar von Vorteil sein kann.
Dem Buch ist eine Audio-CD beigefügt, auf der die Geschichte in mehreren Sprachen von Muttersprachlern vorgelesen wird.

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